Takashi Iwasaki

What better way to celebrate this memorable, joyful day (the Netherlands have a new king) than with the colourful embroidered illustrations of this Japanese artist (b. 1982). He depicts fantastical landscapes. 
Try to count all the stitches...


Ayano Imai

Her work is delicate, soft but still playful. She studied in Japan although born in London (b. 1980). Her style with pencil and watercolour is adorable.


Yuko Shimizu

Brilliant! This young Japanese artist is quite special, breathtaking, original. 

By the way: don't confuse her with the creator of Hello Kitty who has the same name but is older (born in 1946).


Minako Chiba

She (b. 1972) is a young Japanese illustrator with a playful style and earthly colours.


Soga Kayoko

Deze Japanse tekenares werkt mooi met "stiltes", witte vlakken. Ze heeft een fijne pen en oog voor detail.

I am on a short holiday (Valencia, Spain). See you soon! 


Hideko Ise

Zij (geb. 1949) is fantastisch met waterverf en heeft al verscheidene boeken op haar naam maar is desalniettemin weinig bekend.