Naoko Yamaji

This Japanese artist works with collages made of paper, creating dancing figures. Quite lovely!


Kosuke Ajiro

He is fabulous. Why? A good question but for me hard to answer. Of course, composition, texture, colours, narrative quality, originality, technique. You name it. Still, I find beauty hard to define and of course it is also a matter of taste. 
So to answer your question. He appeals to me because he touches my heart and mind. 


Takato Yamamoto

He is born in 1960 and works in the old style of the Ukiyo-e masters (a form of woodcutting from the middle of the 18th century). His work has a dark side as well as an innocent one, beauty and death. 


Chiho Aoshima

She (b. 1974) is another disciple of Takashi Murakami (see my earlier blog entry april 2013). her work has a real - surreal quality, fairytale like with an eye for nature and culture. in a symbolic way.


Kanae Sato

She sure puts a smile on my face looking at her cute illustrations using bold, simple lines thus capturing childhood in a surprising way. Her work reminds me of the Dutch illustrator Dick Bruna.