Kinga Rofusz

She is from Hungary and is just fantastic! Her texture, her colour palette and choice of topic.  


Khoa Le

A young female digital artist from Vietnam, whimsical, at times romantic, original.


Eiko Onodera

Sometimes you see a work, an illustration and you are moved by it. This is what happened to me when I saw  the first illustration of Eiko Onodera. Too bad, not much could be found about this Japanese artist. 


Petr Horacek

Petr Horacek (b.1967) born in Czech Republic has a bold, dynamic style of his own. He uses various techniques, e.g. collage. 


Mark Janssen

A young, promising, interesting illustrator (b. 1974) from my own country, the Netherlands (living just about 3 kilometers from our house...). Do visit his website!