Romana Romanyshin

I am glad I can show you the work of an intriguing and very promising Ukrainian artist called Romana Romanyshin (b. 1984). She works with wood, gesso, oil, silkscreen and mixed media. Her paintings are mysterious, beautiful and her use of colours is balanced. I can watch them for hours dreaming up, imagining various stories. I just love her work!
Do visit her website: http://romana.com.ua/ 

Pavel Tatarnikov

He is born in Belarus in 1971 and makes modern "medieval" illustrations. I especially like his use of white backgrounds and colour palette. 

Today I hope to be able to tell you more about a very promising artist called Romana Romanyshin, so maybe I'll see you soon.


Violeta Dabija

She lives and works in Moldova, an Eastern Europe Republic. She makes cute illustrations and works in traditional as well as digital style. 


Assol Sas

She is from Kazachstan (Almaty) and not much is known about this artist, unfortunately. However, what I do know is that I truly enjoy her wonderful pictures, mostly illustrations by stories from Kazachstan. If anyone can tell me where I can buy the book Kazakh legends, I would appreciate it very much.  


Niko Kherkeladze

He is born in Akhalgori, iGeorgia in 1953 and is a wonderful draughtsman. Some of his figures remind me of Hieronymus Bosch and make me laugh and his backgrounds are stunning.