Binette Schroeder

Another month gone by. So many illustrators to choose from but the last German entry is Binette Schroeder (1939). Powerful and yet subtle, balance of colour and a treat to the eye.


Katrin Schwulst

This artist (b. 1977), working under the name of Seaspray Blue, draws very strong, stark illustrations. 



Monika Beisner

Monika Beisner (b.1942) is an artist with many qualities. She illustrated Dante's  Divine Comedy and Ovid's Metamorphosis for example. Certainly worthwhile to take a look. 


Jutta Bauer

Jutta Bauer (b. 1955) an award winning German illustrator. She won for example the Hans Christian Andersen Award. Her illustrations are witty, dynamic and have a narrative quality.


Matze Doebele

Matze Doebele, a German illustrator with a sketchy style, wonderful perspective and composition.