Mipa Lee

She is from Korea and lives there but travelled all around the world. A creative and active illustrator.

Well folks, I am away for a few days, but will be back and start with a focus on a new country. What country? Wait and see.


Soyeon Kim

A special artist from Korea who works with dioramas. His work "So you are dust" is not only orginal and impressive but also beautiful.


Nayoun Kim

A young Korean female artist with a subtle style in pastel colours and a lot of creativity. It sparkles. 


Oh Jung Taek

Another Korean illustrator with a minimal style and subtle use of colour.


Kwon Kyong Yup

An extremely intriguing Korean painter. She draws young girls in a rather frenzy style but the pictures haunt you for the rest of the day. Well, see for yourself!


Sung Hee Kim

She has won several prizes - not only in Korea - and certainly has a style of her own but somehow I am not a great fan of this "lino style" but on the other hand her work intrigues me so I like to share it with you. 


Kim Dong Sung

He works in an ink painting style that is stunning. No wonder he won several prizes.