Kate Baylay

She is London based with wonderful composition and technique, reminding me a lot of one of my favourite illustrators called Kay Nielsen (1886 - 1957).



Midori Yamada

She is from Japan which shows in her illustrations. Her technique is wonderful as well as her use of black backgrounds.

Jean Pierre Weill

A French illustrator (b. 1954) with a wonderful minimalistic style, airy, vulnerable and special.


Reza Yousefzadeh

Not much is known about this illustrator from Iran. He wrote a book "Speed, what does it mean?" (here you see some illustrations) but apparently there is another book with the title: "Two demons". Sadly, I cannot find illustrations from this book


Kumi Obata

This artist is from Japan, Tokyo and has a lovely poetic, delicate style. Het etchings show wonderful, playful compositions, intriguing to look at. 


Cecilia Ruiz

She is from Mexico and has a subtle colour palette, wonderful composition and effective storytelling technique. The book is about people with a loss of memory, very unique!