Edmunds Jansons

An intriguing artist from another Baltic state called Latvia. His name is Edmunds Jansons and he makes illustrations as well as short films. 

From the short film: Father's day


Eiko Ojala

The last two posts of this month will be about illustrators from the other two Baltic States and we begin with Estonia. Eiko is a multi-talented artist, he makes illustrations, digital art and you name it. And also wonderful paper collages or do they seem to be so?


Marius Jonutis

Marius is born in 1965 in Lithuania and makes, apart from beautiful illustrations, colourful wooden sculptures as well.


Lina Zutaute

She (b. 1973, Lithuania) likes to draw cheerful and highly accessible illustrations making children happy. 


Sigute Chlebinskaite

She is born in Lithuania in 1977. Unfortunately, I could only find some illustrations that were on show in Bologna 2013 but I would like to show them anyway, because of her sober use of space and colour that turns out to be quite effective.


Lina Kusaite

She is gorgeous, fantastic! This Lithuanian artist, now living in Belgium. I just can't get enough of her work. Poetic and beautiful.