Quentin Weyer

Quentin Weyer, an upcoming talent from South Africa. Africa, full of potential and I wish I could find more wonderful artists from this continent. Quentin is highly original in his technique. Here is a quote from an interview published on digital showcase called 'from ten to five"; 

" I always begin with a rough sketch of the whole image, making sure that my composition looks good. Then I sketch out all my detailed areas on paper enabling me to erase and refine elements. From there I prep and paint my wood with a white wood primer, then lightly sand. My most recent technique is to paint layers of acrylic and sand through them to reveal an interesting wood grain effect, which I then begin to paint on and add detail to with a technical pen".
His illustrations are just awesome. 


Victo Ngai

Her real name is Victoria Ngai and she is from Hongkong, now living in New York. I find her work fascinating and full of promise but can't quite put my finger on it. 

Duy Huynh

A wonderful illustrator/painter from Vietnam. He uses poetic images and symbols inviting the viewer to contemplate on relations, nature and other matters. 


Catherine Swenson

She is from Great Britain but lives in Australia. Her style is soft, inviting you to take a closer look. 


Emmanuelle Houdart

She is from Switzerland and has a unique choice of subject matter with enormous storytelling quality and I adore her choice of colours and the minute details in her work.