Jessie King

We started with a famous art nouveau illustrator (Arthur Rackham) and we end with one, although in the work of jessie King (1875 -1949) we already see the transition to Art Deco.


Audrey Beardsley

Audrey Beardsley, a brilliant illustrator, lived from 1872 - 1898 and during his short life he made magnificent illustrations in black and white. Composition, texture, originality, technique, consistency, it is all there and even more.


Rob Ryan

This time a special artist, a paper cut artist, sometimes using lasercuts. Rob Ryan was born in Cyprus (1962) but has lived in the UK for years now. It is a special technique and I find it intriguing. 


Lydia Monks

Lydia Monks uses bright colours and is a collage artist, appealing to a lot of young children. 


Victoria Turnbull

This time another promising (at least I find her promising) illustrator. She has technique and a soft, subtle style of her own, a wonderful perspective too. I could not find much of her work, so only three illustrations.