Mariona Cabasa

This Spanish illustrator Mariona Cabasa (b.1977) is the last entry of this month and tomorrow we will "visit" another country. Mariona's illustrations are cheerful and uncomplicated. Children will just love them. 


Asuncion Balzola Elorza

Aka Asun Balzola (1942 -2006) is a Spanish illustrator. For her 'Less is more" and she does a pretty good job at that.


Maria Corte

She is born in Barcelona (1983) and has an expressive rather simple style. 


Pablo Auladell

Pablo Auladell is a Spanish artist using colours sparingly and reminding of old paintings.


Jaume Montserrat

He is born in Barcelona (1988) and his work is very creative. The idea for the series came from a dream about the ark of Noah. In his own words:

There was only one animal from each specimen. All of them were empty, asexual and immortal. They didn’t need to hunt, nor were they scared of being hunted – so there was a perfect symbiosis.


Iban Barrenetxea

Iban Barrenetxea was born in the Basque country in 1973. His work shows great skill and fantasy, sometimes with a touch of the absurd. Although I am fond of colours I do love his scarce use of them.