Freya Blackwood

Freya Blackwood (b. 1975) from Australia. Good draughtsmanship and quite sensitive. Her illustrations may be classic but ever so warm and tender. 

Jeannie Baker

Today is nearly the last "Australian day" and we will look at the work of an exceptional British born (b. 1950) artist, but living in Australia since 1975. Her name is Jeannie Baker. Her illustrations are made from mostly natural material and she uses preservation techniques. Her miniature collage constructions (as she calls them) are unique.  

Goodbye Australia


Ambelin Kwaymullina

She is an Aboriginal, born in 1975 and apart from being an illustrator she is also a lecturer in law. 


Jane Tanner

Jane Tanner (b. 1946), another Australian illustrator, works in a detailed way, very accurate, realistic even but that is not what she wants to capture. She wants to capture emotions.