Claudia Legnazzi

She (b. 1956) is from Argentina. I like her colours and texture. 'Yo tengo una casa' ( I have a home) is a lovely book written and illustrated by her.  

I'll be away for two weeks and will begin the month of November with illustrators from another country or region. Till then, all the best! 


Paulina Barazza

This young illustrator is from Mexico and has a minimalistic though effective style.



Dipacho is an illustrator from Colombia whose real name is unknown to me. A dear friend pointed out to me that not only the illustration but also the layout on the page is important. That's why I have included some illustrations on the page. In the future I will try to pay more attention to this. 


Fernando Vilela

Fernando Vilela (b. 1973) is from Brazil. His woodcuts are intense and strong. His colours are very often, for one reason or another, typical of the Brazilian life, for example the rainforest.